[A4] Help, I washed my engine and now my check engine light is on

Zsolt Kovacs zsolt at 3D-Designs.net
Sat Dec 15 22:34:51 PST 2007

I took the plastic covers off, and didn't use high pressure, but 
didn't cover anything either. The car ran just fine after, but hours 
later when I started it up it was acting up, as something got wet, 
and my check engine light came on. It cured itself fast enough, but 
the light is still on.

Is this going to go out by itself, or am I going to have to have it 
turned off?  On my 996 I have my check engine light come on 
occasionally because of a fuel pressure issue (I think my tank is 
dented) but it also goes out by itself.


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