[A4] Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 09:23:23 PST 2007

wow man great looking car!! great buy! +1 on everything Tom says below. the
hid's are brilliant [ouch.. ;-] but try to avoid the cheapo electrics. it's
around 300 for decent kit, phillips / osram etc. you can also get a 55w set
vs 35w which i would do i i were to do it again. polishing the headlight
lenses also makes a HUGE difference in output. the plastic lenses take a
beating over time. i just used meguiars plastix a few times, but i may go
the 800 / 1500 / polishing compund etc to really dig the chips out. there
are good writeups all over the web.

the vagcom is a great tool.

the CA's will definitely be needing a replacement if they're original. it's
a pretty easy job, and a great time to do brakes. allot a full day and soak
the crap out of it all with pblaster for 24rs prior. also get the best
quality kit you can find [febi, etc]. i saved $100 on mine for some 'tuv
approved' brandx [optimal?] and they were really dodgy quality [tre's
collapsed installing them].


> Ross-Tech VAG-COM would be a good thing for you.
> Check the rear diff seals for leaks and your valve cover gaskets.
> At 115k you might be getting into front control arms soon. Eight total if
> you do them all. It seems that the lower front forward position control
> arm
> is one of the most common failures.
> HID's are a great upgrade.

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