[A4] Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Mon Dec 17 09:44:47 PST 2007

Danton J.A. Cardoso wrote:
> Ain't that the truth!!!! I love my A4 quattro! Same drivetrain, and I
> have the sport pack with Eibach springs, whoo-hoo, this is not your
> momma's grocery getter!!! however I have a THIRD PEDAL!!!!  What
> color?

Black with gray interior.  I like the always-there power of the V6. In
my ideal world, I'd take a 5- (or 6-) speed, but I expect to be doing
some commuting down to Boston's Rte 128, and 10 miles of stop-and-go
every day would wear out (or build up) that left leg. I've done it with
a Honda; no fun. Shifting with one thumb should be fun (it's got Tip
shifter controls on the sport steering wheel).

I am looking forward to heated seats that work, AC that works, and
cruise control that works. (And that they keep on working.)

Kent McLean
'99 A4 Avant, 2.8L 30V, quattro, Tiptronic, "Yeah, baby!"
'94 100 S Avant, "Moody" becoming "Old Faithful"
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'91 200 TQA #2, up in smoke 2
'89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy", up in smoke

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