[A4] Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

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Mon Dec 17 12:40:21 PST 2007

sometimes. for every one you get lucky on theres another that's supposed to
be easy 40 minute job that turns into a 2 week nightmare and you have to
replace the same part 4 times [coolant j pipe].


On Dec 17, 2007 12:51 PM, Brandon Rogers <brogers at terrix.com> wrote:

>  lucky bastage
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> you know i read that on every writeup out there, and i was TERRIFIED of
> that bolt, and i didn't have any issues with it at all. hit it with a little
> PB, loosened the nut and tapped the bolt out. it practically fell apart.
> iv'e had the front end apart no fewer than 4 times [stupid 'adjustable'
> grooved struts that require a full r+r to adjust] and never a problem. i
> also anti-seized the crap out of it the 1st time i had it apart.
> On Dec 17, 2007 10:32 AM, Brandon Rogers <brogers at terrix.com> wrote:
> > Yeah but that double pinch bolt above the wheel is a
> > biiiiiiiiiiitchhhhhhh.
> >
> > Brandon
> >
> >

cheap, reliable, powerful. pick two.

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