[A4] Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 12:08:43 PST 2007

boy does that ever sound counterintuitive.  IF it's true [and it seems
dubious - why on earth would replacing the fluid hurt the tranny? they must
prefer metal particles] then the audi autoboxes must [still] be shite.

also if you can't use the paddle shifters, IMO it's fundamentally flawed.
FWIW lots of guys on AW/AZ have highly modded tip cars and the auto still
has a rep for being stout.  but i'm not a mechanic and don't work on these
things day in+out. hard to argue with empirical evidence.

i guess D will be your friend? =)

> I was at NEA this afternoon talking with Tim and Brian. I asked about
> getting the transmission fluid flushed. Their response: don't touch it.
> The late 90s automatics are pretty much bullet-proof provided you don't
> touch it.  Brian says 75% of the problems they see with the automatics
> is because someone opened it up to change a filter, flush it, whatever
> to help it, but in doing so caused the problems. I then said I liked the
> wheel mounted shift buttons, and he said the other 25% of the problems
> they see are caused by people manually shifting the Tiptronic. He said
> to keep to Park, Drive, and Reverse, and it will last 200K to 300K
> miles.

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