[A4] differences in quattro

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Yeah that's why I turn it off!  So with ESP (or ASR??) off , EDL is
still working then I assume, yes?



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If both cars are manual transmission cars then the drivetrain is
essentially the same, the transmissions differ (01E versus 01A). 

ESP is integrated into the ABS braking system and it either tells the
engine ECM to cut power, or activates certain calipers depeding upon
conditions. I think it functions similar to ASR on the bigger cars.

In my A6 4.2 it has ASR, (anti-Slip Reduction) which is nothing more
than an annoying little device that cuts engine power when things get
"Fun", it makes it damned near impossible to spin tires, or "Slide"
coming out of a turn.

---- Brandon Rogers <brogers at terrix.com> wrote: 
> Guys-
> Posting to both the A4 and S4 list....
> I'm curious about the difference between the quattro systems 
> (electrical
> gizmos) between an A4 (I'm specifically thinking '98 1.8Tq (no ESP)
> an '01.5 S4 - 
> I'm wondering if when I turn the ESP off on the S4 I'm left with the 
> exact same system my A4 had.  I've been driving the S4 almost 
> exclusively with ESP turned off - especially in the snow - as its more

> fun and I like to think it sharpens my skills.  My A4 (chipped/exhaust

> - NO ESP) seemed to hook up a little better than the S4 
> (chipped/exhaust - ESP OFF) does when accelerating in snow - and I'm 
> not sure if its due to different electrical gizmos (EDL etc) or the 
> fact that the S4 has so much more power - and also likely slightly 
> less grippy snows - the A4 had Nokian WR and the S4 has Hankook 300 - 
> very similar tires - but I do think the Nokian is slightly better in 
> the snow....
> anyway - thoughts? musings?
> Brandon
> '84 urquattro 20Vt
> '01 S4
> '98 A4 sold but not forgotten...
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