[A4] differences in quattro - want my snow tires?

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Wed Dec 19 15:00:42 PST 2007

i too LOVE driving in the snow!!!  i run nokian tires.

in fact i still have a set of studded nokian hakka 1 tires
on steel rims with plastic audi hubcaps.  they're 15s so the
don't fit B7 cars, and maybe not B6.  definitely fit B5 as i
ran them on my B5.  they are nice and narrow as a good snow
tire should.  about 1/3 of the studs are missing since i'd
have to drive 2 hours on pavement before reaching the snow
at all, but even without the studs the hakka 1 is a truly
champion snow tire.

best offer on 'em, pretty much.  just taking up space in my

BTW i sold the blowoff valve on ebay.  my B5 ECU with APR
chip was sold too.  i followed an A4 down my street and he
parked in front of my house.  i mentioned that his rear fog
light was on, thinking he had no idea.  which he didn't.  we
got to talking audi and he was going to sell his 1.8t (a 2001,
mine was a 2000) because he felt it was juuuust a little weak
on power.  "try this!" i said and popped the ECU into his car
in about five minutes.  he took a test drive and returned with
$220 in cash for me.  i guess a 2000 ECH works in a 2001 car :)

On Dec 19, 2007, at 2:52 PM, thejimrose wrote:

> i get ya.. see i felt like my buddys s4 was better than my a4. more  
> solid
> and predictable when it slipped. weight and gizmo's no doubt.
> my a4 feels a little flighty, esp in the arse, i assumed b/c it's  
> lighter.
> tons of fun tho. i heart driving in snow. =)
> On Dec 19, 2007 3:00 PM, Brandon Rogers <brogers at terrix.com> wrote:
>> yeah I'm not saying its not great in the snow - I guess its just
>> different....
>> Brandon
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>> don't the a and s both use the same torsen? i imagine that all the  
>> minor
>> differences; power, tires, gear ratio's, electronic nanny's, etc  
>> are adding
>> up to make it feel really different. the s4 i've driven has been  
>> great in
>> the snow [dunlop ws m3's] - more power but also more weight really   
>> makes it
>> feel solid.
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