[A4] a4 suspension - hr/bilstein

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 08:33:22 PST 2007

somebody the other day posted about a4 suspension, i thought i replied but i
guess not. iv'e got hr sport on grooved [adjustable lower perch] bils sports
on the a4 for about 15k miles and i really am not thrilled with them.
they're harsh and the ride is busy. i believe it's oversprung/underdamped.

if i had to do it over i would w/out a doubt go true coilovers. having a
matched spring / damper is the key. not to mention real adjustability vs
this pseudo-adjustability i have now. for the car to sit level i have the
fronts all the way up and the rears all the way down. dumb. a pic for height


i've hear of guys having good luck with stock sport springs and bils HD or
boge shox. i imagine that's a nice street setup. stratmosphere just released
a 'vmaxx' kit or somesuch for about 600$ for coilovers. great price. the
koni's can be had for ~900, stasis for ~1100. there's also the shine racing
setup which is supposed to be brilliant and is basically just custom spec'd
springs + shocks for about a grand.


cheap, reliable, powerful. pick two.

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