[A4] Brake Pads and VAG-COM

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 27 09:37:29 PST 2007

Have had a couple of new lights begin flashing at me in the last week.

First up brakes.  I'm guessing the wear sensor is incorporated into the 
front pads and seeing this light come on tells me time to change the at 
least the front set of pads.  I've yet to have the wheels off to check for 
wear, but from what I can see through the wheels, still some life in the 
pads.  When I do get around to changing, anything else I should do at the 
same time (i.e. lube guide pins, etc?)

And then last night had the check engine light come on.  Car seems to run 
the same, just now have a constantly illuminated yellow light in the 
cluster.  Until I can pick up one of these for myself, anybody in the 
Seattle area with a Vag that would be up for running a diagnostic?  Be nice 
to do this before I order pads so I can get all the necessary parts at the 
same time.


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