[A4] ABS Breaking

Stephen Kormilo stephen at kormilo.ca
Fri Dec 28 12:30:16 PST 2007

Sean Reifschneider wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 28, 2007 at 12:22:19AM -0500, Brett Dikeman wrote:
>> ABS is not for shortest stopping distance.  It's for avoiding loss of 
> I tend to use ABS to help me judge when I'm at tie limit in snow and ice.
> I'll go into it until ABS just starts grabbinb, and then back off a bit.
> Of course, depends on just how consistent the conditions are, sometimes
> they vary greatly from foot to foot, in which case you just have to suck it
> up.
> I use the redline fuel cut-off in a similar way, when it goes off, it's
> time to shift.  :-)  Actually, that joke worked better on my old RX-7
> because it didn't have a cut-off, it had a buzzer that went off about
> 250RPM over redline, and it worked great as an "it's time to shift"
> indicator.  :-)

Aaahhh, yes. Fond memories, especially with the Racing Beat 
header you sold me (IIRC) for my 'ex' Rx7  :-)

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