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I have been running a '97 1.8T with a trailer for 3-4 years now

I think the most I have towed is either a Suzuki DRZ400 and a KTM LC4 
640   or  a BMW R1150GS

I would shop online for available hitches and install one.  Just be 
aware of the weight you are towing and don't load the front too 
much.  try to keep it biased around 100 pounds on the hitch.

I think my hitch was a Dalan and I needed to pull the bumper cover 
and drill some holes in the spare tire well to install it.

Good luck and don't try to tow too much.  Just use some common sense.


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FWIW, the A4 in the USA is not rated to tow anything.

putting a hitch on might be risky for warranty issues,
but i am just guessing.  you can always use it for a
reay bike/ski rack when you're done.

or, call a local construction equipment rental company,
and rent a proper pickup with a proper hitch and wiring
and all that.  it'll likely be cheaper for a day than
ordering, installing, and being stuck with a hitch for
your A4.

On Jan 30, 2007, at 12:08 PM, Richard Hurt wrote:

 > Anyone have any experience with trailer hitches on A4s?  I need a
 > temporary
 > solution to a small problem of hauling a small trailer around for a
 > day.
 > Can I get a strap on hitch for my A4?  If so, how much and will it
 > damage
 > the car (paint, bumper, etc)?
 > Thanx!
 >   Richard
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