[A4] Pre-chip checklist

James Hanson james0hanson at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 12:08:22 EST 2007

Thanks for the help, gentlemen.

Here's my list:

K&N.  Check.
    I'll be careful when re-oiling.
    Related: Should I pull the MAF and clean it?  (Where is the MAF?)

Exhaust - will look into this.  Locally, they're about $1000.  That
seems a bit steep, but I'm sure I can find something a bit more
reasonable with a little searching.

Hoses - I'll replace the remaining braided hoses (new Audi braided
hose).  The rubber ones are all in great shape.

Boost gauge - Local shop (Achtuning) has the APR vent gauge for $150.
Any other gauge I should consider?

Did I miss anything?


On 2/2/07, Brandon Rogers <brogers at terrix.com> wrote:
> I ran a K&N for as long as Ihad my '98 chipped - 80k miles.  No
> problems.  I think the key is that when you _re-oil_ it you don't _over_
> oil it.
> Brandon
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> I'm not sure--but I think I remember reading somewhere
> that the K&N might not be the best option for the car.  Something about
> the fact that the K&N allows larger particles through than some of the
> other oem/normal non-oiled filters, which can be a problem over time for
> a turbo.  Turbo's don't react very well to dirt/dust/and other
> substances;-)
> You might want to check on the Audi sites such as
> audiworld and others.  Search a little and if you
> can't find it--then ask in the forums for the car you
> are interested in.

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