[A4] meyle heavy duty TRE question

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 12:43:59 EST 2007

ok thought id post back up on this because i, dear compatriots, am a MONKEY.
vanilla gorilla. yes, i am.

the TRE fits into the upright from the bottom, not the top. if you put it in
from the top [as i, having apparenly no short term memory, did] then the
alignment will be abour 6 INCHES off.  as i discovered. thank god cars have
2 sides and you can only screw up 1 side at a time. and use the other side
for reference.

sigh. back to your regularly scheduled programming.. =)

>>anyone have trouble getting the meyle heavy duty TRE to fit right in
the b5 a4 upright?

when installing mine, the tre post would not move far enough into the
upright receptacle to allow the bolt to pass through - the 'notch' in
the tre post was too high. i tightened the adjusting nut VERY tight to
pull the post into the upright but still was WAY off - the notch was
about 1/2 exposed in the bolt hole. no bueno.

had to file the notch to enlarge it, got it to work, but not real
confident in the fix.

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