[A4] a4 headlight washers

Bart Oleksy barto at nerdshack.com
Sat Feb 10 13:54:12 EST 2007

flonora at aol.com wrote:
> Guys,
> On my '97 A4 the headlight washers work only when the headlights are on and you pull the stalk to engage the windshield washer. Many a time when the headlights are on and I only want to wash the windshield, I turn the headlights off briefly and wash the windshield so as not to waste the fluid on the headlights.Flori 
Same here on my '97 2.8l A4, as well as our '98 A6 QW - headlights have 
to be on for the headlight washers to work, but they spray at the same 
time as the windshield washer jets.  No holding for 3 seconds or whatever.

And yes, kind of a nuisance when you don't want the headlight washer to 
go but you have your headlights on...just a minor one, of course.


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