[A4] Strut vs. Cartridge Replacement Options

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No that doesn't sound right at all!

Have a look at this person's HOW-TO page....the pictures and description
will help you get a better idea of what is going on.  Then take your car to
a different shop, one that knows German cars.

The struts/shocks are one piece, not replaceable cartridges.  You should not
put the sport struts on a car w/o the matching sport springs and visa versa.
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> At 08:52 PM 1/2/2007, you wrote:
> >The local tire store told me that strut cartridges are only available for
> >cars with sport suspensions.  And, since I don't have the sport
> >I have to replace the complete strut assemblies.  Does that sound right?
> It sounds possible.  Is it because the cartridges physically won't
> fit, or because the dampening rates are different.  If its because of
> different dampening rates, you may be able to install the cartridges
> and move up to a stiffer spring.
> >Finally, might I risk damaging standard struts if I installed OEM sport
> >springs on them, by bottoming-out the struts?
> Probably not.  Most OEM dampers are designed with bump-stops to keep
> the dampers from bottoming out.
> And of you installed sport springs, they'd be LESS likely to bottom
> out, not more.
> Keep in mind though, that springs and dampers should be matched to
> each other.  A stiffer spring requires more damping -- one reason why
> lots of after market suspension setup ride so badly.  they move to a
> shorter spring to lower the car, often by removing coils from the
> factory spring.  This increases the spring rate beyond what the car's
> dampers are designed for and the car bounces around like a Model
> T.  Keep the dampers and springs matched and you end up with a nice ride.
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