[A4] Strut vs. Cartridge Replacement Options

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 12:19:07 EST 2007

> Can I get Bilstein, Koni or Boge inserts for my existing struts, that will
> work with my "new" OEM sport springs?

yup - any. the boge are equivalent to stock, the koni are adjustable, but
the bilstein have the rep for being the best built.

One local shop just told me that not all A4 struts have threaded caps on
> them, and that some have to be cut open and welded back together after
> installing inserts.  <grimaced look on face>

as far as i know that is not the case, at least for the b5 cars. b6 might be

(Note to those commenting on this subject:  Please be very specific when you
> refer to replacing "struts" vs. replacing "inserts," and please note that
> my
> subject line makes that clear distinction.  If you say to "replace the
> strut," when you're actually talking about "install(ing) an insert," your
> entire meaning is lost.)

somebody jump in if im wrong, but a shock, strut, insert, etc all refer to
the same thing on the a4 - the dampener, being a different component than
the spring. no?

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