[A4] suspension theory thoughts, questions, etc - grooved shocks

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 18:23:59 EST 2007

> Whats the difference bewtween how the grooves work and coilovers - don't
> coilovers just use threads to alter the perch location only?

 good question?! it does appear so..

If it is that stiff at lowest settings - I'd be curious what its like
> when you raise the car - would adding preload, thus raising car, change
> your spring rate?  Actually as a think about it - the I guess the spring
> rate would not change if they are linear rate springs, but _could_ if
> they are progressive depending on where in the stroke it sits....?

i guess it depends as you say on if the springs are linear or progressive. i
think theyre progressive. im more worried about running out of room on the
spring. there's almost no gap between the coils as it is..

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