[A4] suspension theory thoughts, questions, etc - grooved shocks

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 19:24:41 EST 2007

> Yup, higher perch --> higher ride height.
> Sounds like Jim's main issue is poorly specced springs. This results in
> spring binding under load. No cure for this but to get springs with
> fewer coils which have larger gaps between coils with weight of car on
> them.

spring binding. that's the term i was looking for. thanks duncan. then i
think im going to try the stock sports. lots more air than coil on those.
you can see how tight the rears are - and this is full low! the uppermost
setting is a solid 1" higher!


As Huw hinted, these gaps are a function of spring properties and car
> weight and will not alter with perch height (unless perch is raised
> beyond the point where preload exceeds force on spring from weight of
> car).

hm. thats gonna take some thinking about. =)

It does start to get complex after this, and I gave up on my explanation
> (s'posed to be working anyway!).

well thanks!

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