[A4] Q: Switching odometer display from miles to kilometers?

Bart Oleksy barto at nerdshack.com
Mon Jan 15 16:47:20 EST 2007

Hi, new A4 owner here of a 1997 A4Q 2.8...I'm located in Canada, and 
bought the car in the U.S.

I found in the manual how to change the temperature display from F to 
Celsius - what's the method to change the odometer (and trip odometer) 
display to read in kilometers instead of miles?

I successfully did that to a '98 A6 QW about a year ago but don't 
remember how I did it and can't find anything in the archives or the web 
about it with the A4.

Any ideas?  Thanks!

'98 A6QW
'97 A4Q
'91 200TQ
'86 CGT

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