[A4] Timing belt/water pump question

Andy Lewis a5lewis at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 22 00:38:54 EST 2007

Hey Guys
In the middle of my timing belt swap.  Needed to ask a
question.  The new water pump I have is from
Meyle--and came with a new gasket and two new rubber
o-rings.  First off--the gasket is not the
metal/rubber gasket that came off the car--but a all
non-metal gasket--is that a problem--or should I just
stick it in there and use it?  Also, like I said, the
Meyle kit has two rubber o-rings that look like they
would be the right size to fit around the back of the
water pump impellar-between the spinning impellar and
the engine side of the water pump housing--to make a
better seal, however, when I pulled the old water
pump--it had no rubber o-rings in there--what should I
do with these new o-rings???

Thanks in advance.

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