[A4] battery group

Peter Kirby 4pkirby at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 18:32:22 EST 2007

I have a Canadian spec A4 1.8t that had a failing battery.  Can anyone 
confirm the right battery group for that car?  The shop replaced it with 
one that is quite a bit shorter (group 48 or 91, I think) and had to rig 
up a clamp to hold it down.  The original is quite a bit longer and 
seems to me to be a group 49 but this number doesn't agree with anyone's 
cross reference chart.

The original battery had a complicated angled tie-down clamp that bolted 
in the front passenger side corner of the battery (right next to where 
the ground strap is bolted), whereas the replacement battery is clamped 
at the rear passenger side (like in Bentley W 27-1).

I have a feeling that the Canadian cars have the larger battery.

Does anyone know the right size for the Canadian market?


2001 A4 1.8tq

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