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AFAIK there are only 2 batteries for all the B5 A4's in the world, one for diesel and one for gas. i buy all my batteries from the dealer. One for a 1.8t costs me about 80 bucks and fitment is guaranteed.

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> Sorry, I don't know the group per se but I do know that the 
> batteries for 
> these cars are hard to find in stock anywhere. Here's my 
> experience from a 
> few weeks ago: 
> Leaving work one night I found the car was nearly impossible to 
> start, the 
> sure sign of a dead battery. Driving on the highway for 30 
> minutes and then 
> trying to start the car again confirmed this so I decided to 
> replace the 
> battery ASAP to avoid problems the next day. I ended up going to 
> about 6 
> different auto stores. At each store I had to set my Turbo Timer 
> to 10 
> minutes while I ran in to see if they had any batteries in stock. 
> At the 
> 5th store I ended up taking a minute too long so the car turned 
> off on me 
> and wouldn't start. I didn't have jumper cables so I had to call 
> CAA. When 
> speaking to CAA they told me that the person who gives the boost 
> has an 
> inventory of batteries and one would most likely fit my car. When 
> the CAA 
> truck arrived he too checked his stock and discovered that he 
> didn't have 
> one so he gave me a boost and sent me on my way. 
> My last stop was Sears. They had the battery, or at least the 
> computer said 
> they did so I let the turbo timer run its course. 15 minutes 
> later they 
> told me that they couldn't find it in the inventory! I urged them 
> to look 
> again and another 15 minutes later they found the battery. I 
> didn't have 
> any tools on me so I asked them if they could replace the battery 
> for me. 
> They quoted $75 to change the battery! $25 was for pushing my car 
> to the 
> shop and $50 for the labor. Apparently they have an agreement with 
> the mall 
> that they cannot work on cars in the parking lot (so they say). I 
> ended up 
> buying a craftsman ratchet set that was on sale for $9.99 and 
> changed the 
> battery myself under the parking lot light. 
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> I have a Canadian spec A4 1.8t that had a failing battery. Can 
> anyone 
> confirm the right battery group for that car? The shop replaced 
> it with 
> one that is quite a bit shorter (group 48 or 91, I think) and had 
> to rig 
> up a clamp to hold it down. The original is quite a bit longer 
> and 
> seems to me to be a group 49 but this number doesn't agree with 
> anyone's 
> cross reference chart. 
> The original battery had a complicated angled tie-down clamp that 
> bolted 
> in the front passenger side corner of the battery (right next to 
> where 
> the ground strap is bolted), whereas the replacement battery is 
> clamped 
> at the rear passenger side (like in Bentley W 27-1). 
> I have a feeling that the Canadian cars have the larger battery. 
> Does anyone know the right size for the Canadian market? 
> Thanks. 
> Peter 
> 2001 A4 1.8tq 
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