[A4] a/c condenser replacement

Arthur Marks aamarks at cox.net
Tue Jul 10 13:10:27 EDT 2007

I've done two conversions on old cars (a '79 and a '91) and it worked pretty well. Salvaged those R12 systems even though they weren't even made to run on R134a and have somewhat incompatible oils. His 2000 obviously uses R134a. The leak stopper is miniscule and nothing like the slop for tire repairs or radiator repairs. I have a very bad memory, but I also seem to remember reading that it reacts with air, while inside the system it flows with the oil. Not sure about that though.

The OP could also buy the plain R134a if the leak is slow if funds are temporarily short. Don't know if leaking the more eco friendly R134a stuff is a very eco friendly thing to do.


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  I would be scared to death of clogging up the rest of the system.  Is that
  stuff safe?  Can you ever get it out of the system in case you need to in
  the future?  I view it kinda like the stop leak tire repair stuff - it works
  and its easy to use but it pretty much ruins it's environment.


  On 7/10/07, Arthur Marks <aamarks at cox.net> wrote:
  >  Anything wrong with just trying to add a $10 can of R134a with the leak
  > stopper? I don't know if that would work with a "leaking" condenser, but it
  > seems worth a shot. You can buy them with a pressure gauge.

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