[A4] Suction/Purge Valve and oil smells/leaks?

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 18 13:40:41 EDT 2007

Getting ready to replace one of the broken hard plastic cranckcase vent 
lines on the V6 which will also wind up opening up some space near the back 
of the engine.  I've heard a rumor that the suction pump/purge valve, also 
located in the back of the engine, can plug and lead to oil leaks via 
positive pressure in the engine.  Also read that this can lead to an oil 
burning smell in the cabin, which I get from time to time along with some 
oil leaks off the front of the engine.

As I'm going to be working in that area, I was wondering what peoples 
experience with this part may be and if the above story is more than rumor.  
Was thinking about ordering the suction pump at the same time as my PCV hard 

Derek P

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