[A4] Vacuuming broke air bag?

Tyson Varosyan tyson at up-times.com
Wed Jun 13 21:56:15 EDT 2007

Hi Guys,

Few days ago I did a general cleanup of my 98 A4 Q 2.8 Directly afterwards
my Air Bag light came on and will not go away.

#1 I re-installed 2 grill pieces that cover the hook in the font (and the
one on the other side).

#2 I vacuumed under both front seats while moving them all the way forward,
up and back. 

Could either of the 2 action caused the Air Bag system to stop working? Did
I nick a wire somewhere?

Tyson Varosyan
Technical Manager, Uptime Technical Solutions LLC.
tyson at up-times.com
206-715-TECH (8324)

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