[A4] Vacuuming broke air bag? - VAG COM?

Stephen Kormilo stephen at kormilo.ca
Sun Jun 17 00:11:38 EDT 2007

My 'ex' 98.5 had side airbags in the front seats, so your '98 probably 
has them as well.

I can heartily recommend Ross-Tach's VAG-COM:


for VW/Audi diagnostics. An excellent product offering much, much, more 
than the 'generic' type of tool. There is an excellent website, great 
support, primarily via an email list and frequent free software updates. 
It's not freeware, but well worth the $$$.

No affiliation, just another satisfied customer.

Stephen Kormilo
Nanoose Bay, BC

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Tyson Varosyan wrote:
> A '98 car with seat airbag sensors?! I didn't think that they started doing
> that until just a few years ago! Dang Germans! Looks like I will need to
> cough up the time/money needed for this VAGCOM system. I guess I could look
> into fixing my Cruise Control at the same time...
> I messed with a similar deal on my ODB1 Mitsubishi 3000GT until I got sick
> of it and got an AEM EMS standalone programmable ECU - Wish AEM would make
> an Audi version... 
> Either way, I know I could Google, but could the wiser minds here share
> their wisdom on the best VAGCOM setup and where to get it? I have a laptop
> with XP and USB port as well as a USB Serial Port emulator. I also have a
> Windows CE handheld PDA - I tossed my Palms a long time ago... Something
> that works ether via USB, or Serial or some Windows CE standard should do
> fine.
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> can you post a little more detail? what size resistor? where did you
> wire it? i'd LOVE to do the same. Thanks!
>> mine was such a pain in the a$$ i resistor'd the wires and bypas'd the
> seat
>> airbags in my a4, there is plenty of freeware vag software around if you
>> search  hard enough
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