[A4] ABS and Brake Light Intermittent (one more thing)

Jeremy worm611 at ptd.net
Wed Jun 20 17:54:27 EDT 2007

One more thing it always comes on when I am not using the brakes.  Sometimes
when I first start it, sometimes not, and sometimes when I'm driving on a
highway.  Its very hard to say why when or for what reason any sensor picks
up a fault.

Again, I thank everyone for their help!

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Should probably be more specifc..  The code from a failing ABS controller
comes from a scan of the ABS module itself.  The code translates to "Lost
communication with the Instrument Cluster - Intermittent."  

Normally, this would lead you to believe that the fault was with instrument
cluster, but it's not.  If this is the code you get, this is classic ABS
controller failure, and it is only the electronics module that needs to be
replaced.  I believe Audi only sells the entire pump assembly for
$1200-$1600.  That is not what you want.  Follow some others' suggestions to
get only the electronics module at the places they recommended.

NOTE:  If the codes indicate a sensor problem, then that is most likely what
it is - a sensor issue.

(previous '98.5 A4 owner with failed ABS controller)

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if it's the pump / controller [which is under the hood by the washer
reservoir - looks like a proportioning valve] the scan tool will
likely come back with a 'can not communicate' error. the part is like
1800$ from audi. don't do that. =)

i had my abs pump rebuilt by http://www.autoecu.com/ - for 350 with a
5yr warranty. sorted my abs issue out. easy r+r - there are
instructions on their site.

it could be a sensor as well, those are very expensive [i paid 130 for
a front one] but easier to r+r than the controller.


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