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An Audi is not the cheapest car to drive. If you want to save on car
expenses, get a Civic or a Corolla. 

That being said, for the power and comfort that you get, these cars are
great. I have owned many high mileage Audis - some of them over 320k and
have known people with 500+K on original drivetrains. Granted, the 90's cars
are not as reliable, but when I needed to buy a daily driver,
turn-the-key-and-drive vehicle that was comfortable to drive, fun and would
not disappoint me through 4-6 hours of driving per day, I chose a 98 A4Q

So in short, I think that your choice here is a good one.

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Hi there, 
  I'm considering buying a 1998 (mfr 3/1998) A4 v6 2.8, 56K miles.   It
looks very well taken care of and the owner has agreed to let a mechanic
inspect. My concern is that I drive many miles (mostly freeway) and I wonder
if I'll spend more time on repairs simply because of the car's age (though I
just gave up my 1998 A4 at 150,000 miles). Thoughts?

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