[A4] Tire Size Debate

Tom Love theloves at localaccess.com
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I have the Avid V4S on my Avant and I like them but for quite a bit less you 
can get the Kumho ASX which my son put on his A4 and for the $$ I feel they 
are a better deal than the Yoko. I am not a fan of Dunlop. They all seem to 
get noisy after about 15k miles. I even put the ASX on my 4kq and I am 
pleased. Buy 2 Potenza's and you will now have 4 and you are not too pleased 
with the ones you have. Maybe for about $75 more get 4 new matched ASX's. 
Tirerack is great but you might do better checking Ebay and get a great 
price then trade your good used Bridgestone's to a independent guy for all 
or partial cost of mounting and balancing. my 2 cents

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> Ok,
>  Where did we leave the the tire size debate when replacing tires?  On one
> side we had people that said that you absolutely must have the same age
> tires on all 4 corners.  If one tire failed for any reason you had to
> purchase all 4 to make sure there were no size differences no matter how
> small.  In the other camp we had people that said that as long as you had
> the same original size replacements you were OK.  A little tire wear was 
> not
> going to make the Quattro system work any harder or damage it in any way.
> The reason I ask is that I had a tire self destruct today after losing air
> pressure due to a nail.  Now I am faced with purchasing two new tires or 
> all
> four.  I am in the "a little wear wont hurt" camp but would like to hear
> from others on the subject.  Also, what are the current recommendations to
> replace a damaged Bridgestone Potenza RE950.  They don't make them anymore
> and I didn't really like them in the first place.  I generally like
> Bridgestone but the RE950s are really really loud.  :(
> I'm currently looking at the Potenza G 009 (recommended by my tire guy),
> Dunlop SP Sport A2 Plus, Sumitomo HTR H4, Yokohama AVID V4S, Fuzion HRi, 
> and
> the Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S.  Tirerack is my dealer of choice, but I'm
> willing to look elsewhere.
> Thanx!
>  Richard
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