[A4] Sport Spring on a Stock B5 quattro?

aaron jungle at hickorytech.net
Tue Mar 20 03:12:46 EDT 2007

Can you?  Yes....would I do it or reccomend it?  No....
As you prolly know the sport springs lower the car about an 1"...this affects the 
travel of the strut shaft.  I am pretty certain the struts between the two models 
is different.  You may very well drive w/ this combination for 50k...but why take 
things apart 2x... do it once, and do it right w/ a set of Bilstien Sports...it 
will make a HUGE difference in handling.  Oem struts seem to show signs of dieing 
around 100k.


On Mon Mar 19 18:16 , "Doug Johnson"  sent:

>Can I drop sport springs on a B5 quattro without seriously-ill effect?
>The car is a '99.5 1.8T with Tip, and it was driven for 75k of its 80k miles
>by a lady-doctor.  So, I'm guessing the original strut have some life left?
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