[A4] Tire Size Debate

Richard Hurt rnhurt at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 06:09:13 EDT 2007

Well. it's really a mixed bag at the moment.  I think I like the
tires, however I'm now hearing a small roar from the rear axle
somewhere.  I would like to think it's the tires and not a wheel
bearing going out but I can't be sure.  I guess the only way to be
sure is to wait for it to get worse.  :/

Anyway, the car seems to be really skittery with the G009 tires.  I
don't really know how to explain it or even if I'm imagining it, but
it almost seems to have a mind of it's own and I have to work to keep
it in the lane.  Again, is this just me?  We have had quite a bit of
gusty wind lately, but I did see that someone else reported the same
experience with these tires on the TireRack boards.  In general the
tires are very responsive - maybe too much so.

And the final worry is the guy at the tire store said that I might
have the alignment checked.  Of course he does that and would gladly
take a look, for $79.  :)  Now I don't really have a problem with
checking the alignment and I normally trust this guy but I don't think
they have the equipment for a Quattro system.  At least they didn't
about a year ago when I had the alignment checked the last time.
Also, I looked at my old tires and while they were worn a bit more on
the inside, it wasn't horrible and as a performance vehicle I expect a
little odd wear.

So, do I like the tires and would I buy them again?  I'm not sure at
this point that I can answer the question satisfactorily.  I think
there are some other things going on with my baby (and with my mind)
that are clouding my judgement.  Also, I haven't had a chance to do
much spirited driving with them so I don't really know how the handle
at the limit.

Sorry to be so vague.  Feedback on any and all of my problems is welcome.  :)


On 3/21/07, Stephen Kormilo <stephen at kormilo.ca> wrote:
> Richard,
> Now that you have had a chance to drive on your new Bridgestone G009s
> for a while, how are you liking them?
> I have to make a tire buying decision soon.
> Stephen Kormilo
> Nanoose Bay, BC
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> 1998.5 Audi A4 2.8 - Silver
> 1985 Mazda Rx7 GSL-SE - Black
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