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Tyson Varosyan tyson at up-times.com
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So wait, this thing just bolts to the bumper core? Is that OK to do?! If so,
I got a good welder - I think I can just make one...

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Dalan makes (made?) a receiver hitch for the '98 A4. I bought & 
installed one on my 'ex' 98.5. You have to drill several holes and then 
bolt it on.

I just did a search on hitch-web: http://www.hitch-web.com/

It looks like the hitch is still available, but it may no longer be made 
by Dalan. The hitch looks the same as the one I installed, IIRC.


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Tyson Varosyan wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I got a 98 A4Q 2.8L. I have seen a few running around town with light-duty
> tow hitches on the back. I would like to get one. Are they bolt-on? If
> what has to be tweaked. And where do I get one?
> By the way, the strap-to-the trunk bike carriers are utter CRAP! If you
> about your paint job in the least degree, save yourself the $90 and leave
> on the shelf at the store. The 2-bike carrier barely fit our 2 sport bikes
> and only then, with the front tires removed. The rack tore off my plate
> frame. And after one of the bikes was removed, the load of the second bike
> unbalanced the rack sufficiently to become dislodged from its mounting
> points while driving and allow the front fork of the bike to dig into my
> trunk lid. There is no way to make the straps tighter and even if there
> I think that the strain on the sheet-metal of the trunk may be sufficient
> dent it. 
> I may buy a jet ski this summer or a Hobie Cat sailboat. A tow hitch would
> go well with those as well as well as a hitch-mounted bike carrier.
> Tyson Varosyan
> Technical Manager, Uptime Technical Solutions LLC.
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