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Stephen Kormilo stephen at kormilo.ca
Tue Mar 27 01:10:50 EDT 2007

William DeHaan wrote:
> I've been very pleased with my Pilot Exalto A/S tires.  We had snow storm 
> after snow storm earlier; and I was very pleased with them.  I did go down 
> 10mm in width (from a 235 to a 225), which as the summer hits i'll probably 
> want back.  I have 15,000 miles on them and they are holding up well.
> Bill D.
> 2006 tqm-6
> 1999 A6 Avant

Thanks for the info., especially the longer term experience. I think 
that I will be ordering the Exalto AS tires instead of the RE960AS tires.

Stephen Kormilo
Nanoose Bay, BC

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