[A4] labree high flow cat

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 01:53:36 EDT 2007

just thought i'd throw a quick report up on this as i've just installed it
in the a4. well, by "just" i mean like a month of waiting for parts, finding
just the right hardware and trying to jedimindtrick someone into lending me
a pair of hands.

but it's in and it's REALLY nice. it's a very well made piece, beautiful
cuts and welds. apparently they make every one to order, they quoted me a
week, i thought 'yea, RIGHT' and it showed up about 8 days later. no
literature, warranty note, hardware, gakets, etc which always kind of gets
on my nerves but the automotive aftermarket has never been so good at those

anyway it fit well, sounds GREAT - gives my car a little more of a deep
growl to it. the apr is SO quiet. this actually sounds like something. and
the my buttdyno is realy impressed with th difference. throttle response is
noticably smoother, and the car has a good bit more punch. this is the gain
i was expecting with the apr [and stock cat] but i didn't notice anything,
which was a DRAG.

but the cat saved the day. and it's 250$ delivered! you can't beat that -
cheaper and better. they told me it has a 7 year warranty and it's not
throwing any cel's. car seems happy.

for now....



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