[A4] '01 S4 Canidacy

DocWyte docwyte at comcast.net
Mon May 21 16:37:47 EDT 2007

You're looking at $800-1000 for the timing belt/water pump job.  Most 
shops quote 6 hours labor for it and parts are around $3-400 depending 
on if you decide to replace all the rollers, tensioners, etc.

This is an interference engine and if the belt snaps, very expensive 
things will break.  I replace the belt every 60k miles.  Audi originally 
called for replacing it at 105k, then 90k, then 75k, now most dealers 
are saying 60k.

This is my second S4, both have been very reliable cars.

Doug Johnson wrote:
> >From car review sites that show reliability, an '01 S4 sound like fairly reliable car.
> Does that sound accurate to you folks?
> Also, what might a timing belt and water pump replacement cost, or is this a non-interference engine like other turbos?
> Thanks,~ Doug
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