[A4] Selling (trading) my A4. Have some stuff for sale

Jon delta9 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 12:19:26 PST 2007

The stuff I'll be removing from my A4 before I trade her in:

All of this stuff is out of my 2001.0 A4 1.8tq manual

1.  UUC brushed "Rob Knob" shift knob $35 shipped
2.  GIAC "X-chip" ECU $175 shipped
3.  Blitzsafe adapter for a Bose radio.  Allows use of "CD Changer" as
an aux input, I used it for Sirius.  $75 shipped
4.  Pro-Fit Vehicle Specifc Mount for satellite radio -  $25 shipped
5.  VAG-COM software and cable installed on an *OLD* laptop.  Since
this software is not really transferable, I am selling the entire old
sk00l laptop + cables + vag-com software.  You will get an old,
working laptop with VAG-COM installed on it, with all the needed
cables.  The cable and software was bought via a "group buy" done by
"EdP" on audiworld awhile back.    I never use this computer anymore
unless I wanted to run VAG-COM.  And that is about al that it is good
for. The battery is pretty much useless in this laptop. $125 +

I'll get some photos of this stuff shortly, no need to include those
photos in this email.

Email me if you are interested (OFF LIST)



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