[A4] [A4 venting some hot air, is this a better topic? :o)

Brizax at aol.com Brizax at aol.com
Tue Nov 6 16:15:55 PST 2007

alot of tru info, 

this descussion is way better than complete silence for 4 months anyday imo, 

i know on my 4g63 with a 16g  etc etc i would run extremely rich on off 
shifts and cause fuel smoke out the exh when i vented it without fuel management,  
it also caused the car to stall at shifts to idle, which is not the safest 
thing in traffic, however never mod'n my audis to vent the bov, i cant say if 
they willdo the same, as pms bitchy the oem ecu's are on these cars id imagine 
the average person would get a CEL very quick...  

im still fighting the CEL on my S4 with open 3" exh with the anti fouler mod! 

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