[A4] A4 - puttering

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 21:07:17 PST 2007

sounds like your clutch is slipping. if it's not throwing a cel then it's
probably not anything engine related [most problems that would cause that
rough of running would cause the cel to light up.

depending on mileage and if you plan to keep it, i would get a new dual mass
flywheel as well. the flywheel uses a rubber bonded center that wears out.

bummer tho, i need to get mine done, it's 1000 in labor anywhere you go plus
parts. you can get an oem clutch for ~$300. DMFW runs ~500 but may not be


> I have a 2002 A4 1.8MT, this morning car started fine
> and drove through the neighborhood with no issues,
> when entering the highway and coming up to speed, I
> noticed the car started "slipping" at the higher rev
> of 2nd gear, went into 3rd fine, then started
> "slipping" in 3rd.  Immediately pulled off and coasted
> to a stop.  The car sounded fine while idling, but
> would stutter when I tried to go forward.  I limped it
> back home slowly in 1st.  The car now putters in the
> drive.  At first, I thought I had something
> transmission related.  With the engine stuttering, I
> am wondering if it is engine related?

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