[A4] A4 - Puttering

Ken Witherell withrl at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 20 07:55:49 PST 2007

Thanks to all who responded.  The culprit was the #2
coil. This is the fifth new coil in this vehicle.  The
previous times the problem occurred during start up,
this time while running up to speed. Audi says the
coils are problematic and do not last forever. -Ken

Ken Witherell wrote:
> I have a 2002 A4 1.8MT, this morning car started
> and drove through the neighborhood with no issues,
> when entering the highway and coming up to speed, I
> noticed the car started "slipping" at the higher rev
> of 2nd gear, went into 3rd fine, then started
> "slipping" in 3rd.  Immediately pulled off and
> to a stop.  The car sounded fine while idling, but
> would stutter when I tried to go forward.  I limped
> back home slowly in 1st.  The car now putters in the
> drive.  At first, I thought I had something
> transmission related.  With the engine stuttering, I
> am wondering if it is engine related?

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