[A4] FW: A4 1.8T B6 Quatty Limp Mode - Reset?

Adam A. Luy Adam at Layer7Labs.com
Thu Nov 29 22:56:17 PST 2007

Hello All,

Here's the story...just had my 2002 A4 1.8T Avant Quattro 5-Speed Manual (75k miles) chipped with GIAC software via flashloader today by Evolution Motorsports - they are local to me. This is the only perf mod on the car. On the way home it is running fan-freakin-tastic - WOW! - I'm having fun.

I get within a block of my house and decide to rev & dump the clutch from a stand still to see what a launch is like with my new found torque. As soon as I do this - seems like before I even let the clutch out all the way - CEL starts flashing and now the car seems like it's running on three cylinders. No mechanical nastiness noise, but bumpy idle, flashing CEL, definite lack of power, and the whole chassis kinda shakes at idle from the rough running, like one cylinder isn't doing it's job. If it were not electronic ignition I would say it feels like the timing was way off. Turned the car on/off a bunch of times, disco'd battery and let it sit - the problem persists.

One thing I notice different is when I turn the car on (don't engage starter), there is a high pitch whine from the drivers side of the engine compartment. It sounds for about two minutes and then goes off. When I actually start the car, the CEL won't come on for maybe 30-45 seconds - and if I start and rev it to 3000rpm right away and hold it there the CEL won't come on. Only when I let it drop down to idle will the CEL come on and stay on until I power cycle the car. It's not smoking or overheating, don't hear any boost leaks, and nothing is leaking.

Any idears? I went from stoked to dumbstruck very rapidly.

ANY help is VERY much appreciated, and many thanks in advance,


PS - Yes, I'm calling Evolution Motorsports (chip flasher) first thing in the morning.

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