[A4] Non-dusting Brake Pads?

Nick Thompson sfdaytona at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 1 16:55:40 PDT 2007

Yeah, that happened to my 01 1.8T (Celebration Wheels). But, it was mainly from my not cleaning them in time. It's not uncommon for OEM Audi brake pads to dust like crazy. As a matter of fact, all German cars seem to have that going for them ;-)
  I can say from experience, Hawk HPS pads are low dust. I've heard that performance friction also makes a low dust pad. If you change brake pads, you may notice a change in how the brakes feel. I do not if this impacts the way the brakes on an Audi feel(I put these pads on a Honda). 
  Just some advice: Do NOT put serious use pads on a street car (i.e. Hawk Blues or Hawk HT10s -- your rotors will be toast in less than 15-20k miles). Those pads are intended for use when the temperature range of the pad is going to be 300 to 1500 degrees. 

Brian J White <brian at bjwhite.net> wrote:
  Your pads ruined your wheels?!?! huh?

At 16:20 2007-10-01, Doug Johnson wrote:
>Any good ideas on brake pads that don't dust, along with a 
>reasonably-priced source, before I ruin another set of wheels? My 
>driving is not aggressive, so the car must have come to me with some 
>incredibly soft pads.
>Your thoughts are greatly appreciated, thanks.~ Doug
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