[A4] T-belt...main shaft bolt

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 2 12:15:45 PDT 2007

Now that I'm done, curious what people think about this.  Bought the 
"complete" blau t-belt kit for my A4, (99, 30v-V6).  On Sunday, when I was 
piecing everything back together the "always replace," or however they 
phrase it in the Bentley, notation for the main shaft pulley bolt struck me.

As I had to complete the job, and no dealers were open, I reused the bolt.  
Based on the 148 lb/ft +1/2 turn spec, I imagine they say to replace as it's 
a stretch bolt.  Curious what have others done and to what effect.  For now 
I think I'm fine, just long-term there is a lot riding on the bolt.

Kind of "torques" me that once again a "complete" blau kit isn't so 
complete.  In as much as they include new main-shaft seals with the kit, 
they know that bolt needs to come off, so why the hell isn't it included? 
Not only that, but their complete tool kit also failed to provide a seal 
remover for the cam seals they include in the parts kit.  (rant off).

Derek P

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