[A4] rear springs

Peter Kirby 4pkirby at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 17:48:01 PDT 2007

Yeah, I did.  And no, they don't match.  Mine is pink-pink-white and the 
one from Force 5 is violet-violet-violet-white-white (which according to 
the family album is not a sport spring....


Scott DeWitt wrote:
> Compare the paint markings. They are however more than likely different 
> springs, or possibly off an Avant and you have a sedan. Cutting the 
> spring will probably just make the part non returnable.
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>> I discovered a broken rear coil spring on my A4 (OEM sport suspension).
>>  I ordered replacement springs from Chris @ force5 who assured me they
>> were from a sport suspension A4 (same year-- 2001).  I take the old
>> strut off the car and compare the new spring to the old one.  The new
>> one is a full coil (about 2") longer but has the same coil and wire
>> diameter as the original.  If the new one has the same coil and wire
>> diameter as the original, would cutting a coil off result in the same
>> spring factor as the original?
>> Thanks.
>> Peter
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