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Peter Kirby 4pkirby at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 17:15:40 PDT 2007

Hi Scott and others

I ended consulting with a mechanical engineer, a mechanically 
knowledgeable long-time Audi owner, and a machinist friend at work.  The 
three of them convinced me that cutting a coil off would be fine, 
considering that the wire diameter, spring pitch and coil diameter are 
equivalent.  I assume that Audi uses the same steel for all its A4 

With the coil cut off, the old and new springs are within 1/4" of each 
other in terms of free length, and now the number of coils are the same.

I'm in Montreal and the used parts came from Chris Semple in New 
Hampshire.  Returning them would have been a pain and left me with the 
option of not using the car for a week or so, or putting the car back 
together with the broken spring (I hate doing things twice).


Scott DeWitt wrote:
> Compare the paint markings. They are however more than likely different 
> springs, or possibly off an Avant and you have a sedan. Cutting the 
> spring will probably just make the part non returnable.
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>> I discovered a broken rear coil spring on my A4 (OEM sport suspension).
>>  I ordered replacement springs from Chris @ force5 who assured me they
>> were from a sport suspension A4 (same year-- 2001).  I take the old
>> strut off the car and compare the new spring to the old one.  The new
>> one is a full coil (about 2") longer but has the same coil and wire
>> diameter as the original.  If the new one has the same coil and wire
>> diameter as the original, would cutting a coil off result in the same
>> spring factor as the original?
>> Thanks.
>> Peter
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