[A4] Turbo replacement in a '97

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 12:51:15 PDT 2007

this guy has a good writeup on his site. it's for a k04 but it's all the
same steps.


try running a search on audiworld as well - there are tech writeups in the
'resources' tab.

there are a million sources for turbo's and parts. if you do a new k03 sport
you're looking at 700 or so for the turbo and 50ish for hardwear. i buy
parts from 034efi.com and purems.com - they will sort you out and get you
everything you need. i think kinetic in canada was running a good deal on
them recently..

you'll need a turbo, manifold > turbo gasket, turbo > cat gasket, and new
studs / nuts for the turbo > cat connection. dont use rtv you need the
correct gaskets. use correct hardwear as well.

if you're 97 there were  recalls on the oil feed line to the turbo, with a
new heatshield, you will probably have to get that thru audi [check your vin
to see if it's been done].

it's also a great time to get a high flow cat [i like my labree - $260].
adds a bit of flow and a nice growl. it's also a great time to replace all
your vaccum lines [get 15' of 3mm silicone] and check your hoses - turbo to
intake, etc for cracks and general shoddiness. dont forget to replace your
airfilter when you're in there.

good luck

> Can anyone point me to a list of parts needed when replacing a turbo in a
> '97 A4
> I have the replacement turbo but I need to order things like gasket(s)
> studs, nuts etc.
> Just looking for a list of parts (or ideally part numbers) from someone
> whose been there.
> Any recommendations for parts sources as well?
> Thanks!
> Jay
> '97 1.8TQM

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