[A4] Strange Brakepad Wear

Nick Thompson sfdaytona at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 4 09:12:44 EDT 2007

For what it's worth, my '01 1.8T had the same issues. In the 50k miles I owned that car, I went through 2 rear sets of brake pads. At the time I worked for an Audi dealer, and the tech's told me it was just they way it was. I even cleaned/lubed the caliper slides every time I did a pad/rotor change(first time was at 23k miles). Of course, I used OEM pads -- maybe a good set of aftermarket pads would last a little longer? 
  My Mustang has similar rear calipers: One piston with the ratcheting mechanism for the e-brake.  I go through the same problem of uneven brake pad wear.

Peter Kirby <4pkirby at gmail.com> wrote:
  If you lift up on the handbrake lever and there seems to be free play
at the beginning of the upward stroke, it's likely a sticky handbrake
lever at the caliper. Check that the handbrake mechanism is moving
well at the caliper that is showing the most pad wear. If it's not,
force the lever at the caliper back and forth until the spring
tension will pull it back on its own. BTDT. I tried different lubes
to squirt in there but the most success has been had using graphite.

2001 1.8tq

On 9/1/07, Dan DiBiase wrote:
> So the brakes on the A4 starting making as funny noise (to quote my wife) on Wednesday last. I drove the car, heard a bit of a noise that sounded like worn brakes, and checked the fronts, which looked fine. At the 45k mile service, 4k miles ago, the brakes were reported as about 65% worn in front and the same in the rear. But the noise came and went.... So Friday afternoon, with it making the noise constantly, I took it to the local shop. The right rear brake had just about completely worn the pad and was starting to work on the metal. All of the other pads were fine and still had, according to the shop, about 4 - 5k miles left (I had them all changed out).
> What would cause such bizarre wear on a rear brake? We don't carry a lot of passengers, in fact, typically there is only one person in the car.
> Dan D
> '04 A4 1.8Tq MT-6
> Central NJ USA
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