[A4] Central Door Lock Repair

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 9 17:19:44 EDT 2007

Just an FYI for the listers out there.  Finally got around to  
repairing my central lock problem (bad vacuum pump).  I'd read over  
at Audiworld about people using Vacuum pumps from other vehicles and  
just installing them in the "brain" from our vehicles.  I think that  
person used a pump from a 95 or so Passat.  The link to that  
Audiworld article is below:


Well yesterday, pulled the pump from my 200 and saw that it looked  
very similar to the one in that Audiworld persons repair guide  
photos.  Then went to the junkyard and saw all the central lock pump  
systems that had been pulled from different VWs and Audis and how  
they all had pretty much the same shape plastic case.  Taking a  
chance, I wound up just grabbing a pulled pump unit from an MK3 VW  
Golf (a 98 or 99 I believe), pulling the brain from my car, swapping  
pumps, soldering the wires from the pump to the PC board in my A4,  
and everything is good to go.

My big takeaway from this is it's a relatively easy job, and for  
donors a vacuum pump from any VW or Audi will do...oh, and it's real  
nice to have my remote and central locking functional again.

Derek P

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