[A4] Degreasing Ideas?

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
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I have put lots and lots of newspaper under the area and sprayed tons of
degreaser - wipe down with paper or other rags, also spray with hot
water from bicycle water bottle.  That's what I've done when trying to
keep the mess fairly well contained.  Works decent.


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I just fixed an oil leak on my 2000 1.8T (oil pressure sensor just above
the oil filter).  The leak source is good now, but I still have an ugly
Exxon Valdez style mess underneath.  Living in close proximity to inner
city neighbors, I don't want to use a can of spray on degreaser, and
create a rainbow oil spill on my sidewalk or garage.  (That stuff
doesn't work well anyway, IMO.)  The local self serve car wash forbids
engine cleaning.  I also try to avoid throwing lots of petro products
into the ground.  What are some handy dandy degreasing methods that have
worked for you all?Thanks,-Phil

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