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Yea, if there are metal bits inside the oil, you pretty much have to
replace everything that was touched by it - turbo included. I've been
there about 4 times in the past - Mitsu motors are famous crank-walkers.
Oil light is an indicator too when this happens because the metal bits
drop oil pressure to almost nothing. By the way, the factory that wrote
your manual is interested in your car outlasting the warranty period and
then breaking and causing you to buy one. I don't care what oil you are
using, on a turbo car you should be changing it every 4000-5000 (with
best oils) and every 3000 with non-synthetics - let this be a lesson.
Turbo cars use oil to cool the turbo and the hot-cold breaks the stuff
down much faster.

As for what to do with your car... You can try parting it out, but you
don't sound like the type of guy that would do that. You can donate the
car someplace like a school where students can screw with it. But I
think best thing to do money-wise would be to post it up on your local
Craig's List website (www.craigslist.com). Start at $4k and go down in
$500 increments every week. Either someone with a wrecked A4 will buy
yours for parts (or a junker to part out) or more than likely, someone
with the motor and skills to do it will buy and rebuild it...

If you are around the Seattle area, shoot me an email, I might be able
to help you out.

Tyson Varosyan
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I'm not mechanical at all. :)
I was driving one day when the oil light came on.  I checked my oil, it 
was low (I change every 10k miles per my manual), I topped it off and 
the next day headed up to Tahoe.  After about 220 miles I felt a 
whooshing sound, and the engine lost a ton of power.  I managed to coax 
it up to the top of Donner pass going around 20-30mph, and then coasted 
it down into Truckee where a mechanic checked the oil and found metal 
bits inside the engine.

That's about all I know.  I had it towed to my local mechanic here who 
said the most economical would be to do an engine swap.


Brandon Rogers wrote:
> If you really like the car I would talk to an independent mechanic
> swapping in a used motor if the current motor cannot be easily saved.
> don't see how a quick used motor straight swap could possibly be $9k+.
> not heard of many (any??) stock 1.8Ts "blowing up" but have heard of
> sludge issues and timing belt failures. More info needed on the
"death" -
> what is really wrong - does it just need a head and turbo? - did a rod
> through the block? What exactly happened?  How mechanical are you?
> Brandon
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> I have a 2001 A4 1.8T quattro sedan manual that died a painful death.
> Basically the engine is blown and it needs a new engine, motor mounts,
> possible turbo.  The mechanic is quoting me $9k-$10k to repair it,
> isn't even worth the cost of the car.
> Anyone have any suggestions on what to do with it?  I've not sold a
> before, so I've no idea what the best thing to do with it is. Sell it
to a
> junkyard for whatever pittance I can get?
> Suggestions warmly welcomed.
> cheers,
> steve

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