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aaron youngblood jungle at hickorytech.net
Mon Apr 7 11:56:05 PDT 2008

I have done this by hand (breaker bar w/ 3' torque amplifier)....it sucks but doable.  I don't think there 
is an electric or rechargable impact that can handle doing wheel bearings.  

If this is your 1st one....bribe someone to AT LEAST watch over you while doing it, there is lots of 
points to get hung up on.  Lube the screw shafts for the bearing tool.  Freeze the bearing, and the hub 
(as soon as you free it from the old bearing); freezing them makes them just a little bit smaller and 
easier to insert.  The inner race for the bearing will more than likely come out w/ the hub; you a dremel 
to cut part way through the race, then use a hammer & chisel to carefully crack the race for it to slip 
off...DO NOT scratch or nick the hub in any way!!!!  Doing so will cause stress risers and result in 
premature bearing failure.  If all this seems over whelming, save your self some trouble and show up to a 
shop w/ the entire spindle removed from the car and have them press in the new bearing, prolly only cost 
you $20.


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On Mon Apr  7 13:00 , Kent McLean  sent:

>The right front wheel bearing on my '99 A4 is starting to make noise (increases
>proportional to speed, louder/softer when turning).  The last wheel bearing I
>had done by my mechanic. But if I'd bought the tools then, this one would be
>almost free, so I'm on the verge of buying the tools.
>Harbor Fright has a "good enough" on-car bearing puller:
>But I understand using a regular wrench on it is nearly impossible.  So my
>inclination is to add an impact wrench to the mix. With no air compressor
>(no space in my apartment), a pneumatic one is out of the question. So I'm
>in the market for an electrical one.
>I'd like a 12V one, to leave in the car to help change a flat tire.  But I
>think I'd be better served with a 120V AC wrench, running off an inverter
>when needed to be mobile.
>Can anyone recommend a good one (decent quality, not Snap-On, but not
>Chinese fly-by-night either), either 12V DC or 120V AC. Sears? Lowe's?
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